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Our professional range incorporates the highest quality materials and strictly controlled manufacturing processes to produce the best tools in terms of strength and durability. We use our experience and knowledge to bring many specialist and trade tools to the workplace. You can rest assured that Apollopro is made for professionals, by professionals.


Designed and created for DIY and household use, these tools are of sound quality at prices that guarantee the consumer value for money. Our diverse range of Apollo tools thrives in a very competitive market place as we continue to develop new ideas and packaging solutions to create fresh, dynamic products. Apollo is a US registered company and Diversitech is the exclusive manufacturer, to see more of our products online please visit www.apollotools.com.



Steelmaster delivers quality hand tools at the lowest prices. Our wide assortment presented in eye-catching product displays provides a great impulse and value option to the thrifty minded.

Based in Europe, Ultracraft specialise in producing products that are ideal for retail as impulse and promotional goods. The latest designs and unique packaging options give the whole range a truly modern and exciting look. Aimed at general consumers and DIY enthusiasts, our tools are of the best quality at very competitive prices. Ultracraft is exclusively manufactured by Diversitech and you can view more of our products at www.ultracraft.biz.


希孟品牌工具致力于为零售商们提供丰富多样的促销产品。以最新的潮流设计和独特的包装方式让整个系列产品彰显时代感,夺人眼球。在普通消费 者和DIY爱好者市场,希孟工具在同类产品中性价比非常的高。希孟工具由外商独资企业 恒肃五金有限公司独家生产,您要想了解更多希孟工具,请访问我们的淘宝旗舰店 apollotools.taobao.com


Here at Diversitech we are specialists at creating private label assortments for our clients. We use market research and comp-shopping to fully understand the needs and requirements of the retailer and to build a comprehensive plan-o-gram. Once we have the product list finalised, we have the design capability to ensure that the range is manufactured and packaged so that it all belongs to the same “family”. We have all the appropriate systems in place to guarantee that all the goods are consolidated and put though thorough QC before shipment. We are the first choice of partner for anyone looking to create their own dynamic range of branded products.