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  • Diversitech Manufacturing

  • Private Label Plan-O-Gram Design & Development

  • QA/QC & Product Testing

Diversitech Manufacturing is a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise based in Zhejiang Province, 250 km from Shanghai Port.

Managed by a team of Chinese speaking westerners, Diversitech Manufacturing provides Western levels of Quality, Service and Delivery, with Chinese Costs.

Over 10 years of experience in the Tool Industry makes Diversitech Manufacturing the OEM manufacturer of choice for many of the World's largest Retailers in Europe and The Americas.

Diversitech Manufacturing operates a 15,000 square meter Packaging & Consolidation factory in Xiao Shan, strategically located at the center of the world's largest concentration of Tool and Hardware manufacturers.

With an existing purchasing network of over 500 QA approved Sub Contract Manufacturers, we are your Private Label Tool and Hardware Partner here in China.

With an American Product & Packaging Design Director, Irish General Manager, and English Sales Manager, we understand the importance of assortment planning and brand positioning for your Open Price Point ( First Price ), DIY ( Mid Price Point ) and Professional ( High Price Point ) Product Assortments.

We take your private label brand strategy, combine it with Competitor Comp Shopping analysis, and the latest innovations from Chinese Manufacturers to create Representative Product &Packaging Proposals for consideration for your brand (s).

We then work in collaboration with you to source all components to allow us to design and help build your unique POG.

We don’t stop there – once you are satisfied with the assortment, we flesh out the Product and Packaging Designs, open the tooling, create the quality protocols, and then bring all the components in-house where goods are Tested & Quality Approved in our onsite Lab before being assembled and packaged in accordance with your new and improved style.

POG’s developed to date include Air Tools Accessories, Decorative Hardware, Masonry Tools, Carpenters Tools, Painting Tools, Power Tool Accessories, Plumbing Tools, Specialty Auto Tools, Household Toolkits, Flooring Tools, Tiling Tools, Car Accessories, Multi Tools & Knives, Flashlights and many Promotional Programs for Fathers Day and Christmas.

Contact us now to see what we can do for you!

Once the Brand Positioning and Quality Expectations of the product are agreed, our Quality Assurance Engineers work with samples, customer standards, International Testing Standards, Chinese Manufacturing Standards and 3rd Party Testing Companies to create appropriate Chinese and English Testing Protocols for every component used in your assortment.

With a 120 SQM fully equipped on site Testing lab Diversitech Manufacturing inspects all goods to your specific AQL Requirements.

Using our Unique Quality Standards, Diversitech Manufacturing carries out FAIR, Inbound Visual and Dynamic Testing, In Process and Final QC to ensure consistency across all product and packaging.

Diversitech Manufacturing’s Facility is ISO 9001 Certified and we have current Social Compliance, Quality Compliance and C-TPAT Approvals from BV, SGS and ITS, from many Global 500 Retailers.

Our Quality track record is exemplary and we look forward to working with you.